When calling 999

The Joint Control Centre asks common questions of callers in relation to the 999 service, and they are:

  • What is the address of the emergency?
  • What is the phone number you are calling from?
  • What is the problem?
  • How old is the patient?
  • Is the patient conscious?
  • Is the patient breathing?

It is also useful if someone can look out for the ambulance and wave them down, especially in dim lit streets during the night or if the emergency is at a location difficult to find.

The Island’s Ambulance Service took an early lead in ensuring that their highest priority is given in response to all possible Stroke call outs. To this end, the service now responds to ALL suspected cases of Stroke as a 999 medical emergency, similar to that for patients suffering from Heart Attacks. This response is designed to facilitate early recognition and treatment by the receiving hospital.

All ambulance Paramedics and Technicians have received specific training in respect of early recognition and pre-hospital treatment of Stroke. We also fully support the FAST campaign as early recognition could save a life.

The bottom line is that anyone on the Island calling 999 where a Stroke is suspected will receive an immediate response and will be transferred to hospital without delay for further treatment if appropriate.

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